2018 Excellence in Broadcasting Awards

Small Market Radio

DJ Personality Aircheck
KWMW-FM - The Ride With Russ
Russ Black

Breaking News
KSEL-FM - Active Shooter at the Clovis Carver Public Library
Kevin Robbins

Feature News Story
KSEL-FM - The Retirement of Dr. Steve Gamble
Kevin Robbins

Continuing Coverage
KRMQ-FM - Heavy Rains Create Headache for County Officials
Kevin Robbins

KSEL-FM - Newscaster Kevin Robbins
Kevin Robbins

Complete Newscast Station
KRUI-AM - KRUI Newscast
Tom A Ruiz

Sports Show or Interview
KSEL-FM - The C and S Halftime Show with Doc Elder
Doc Elder

Talk Show or Interview
KSEL-FM - KSEL Field Farm Report: Fridays With Patrick
Kevin Robbins

Morning Show
KWMW-FM - Bee The Breakfast Club
Kevin Bonner, Tom A. Ruiz and Will Rooney

Sports Play by Play
KSEL-FM - Doc Elder Calls The Greyhounds Vs The Aggies
Doc Elder

Public Service Announcement
KSEL-FM - Dolly Parton Imagination Theater
KT Kelley

Public Service Campaign
KSCQ-FM - KSCQ-FM Tour of the Gila
Ted Tucker and Sabrina Pack

Station Promotional Announcement
KSCQ-FM - Grant County Concert Promotion
Jeff Davenport and Sabrina Pack

KSEL-FM - kselcountry.com
Duffy Moon

:30 Commercial
KNFT-FM - Hidalgo DWI Prevention Commercial
Sabrina Pack

Social Media Integration
KNFT-FM - Tour of the Gila
Sabrina Pack, Serina Pack, Ted Tucker

Specialty Show
KSCQ-FM - My World Show
Mike Rowse

Station of the Year
KSEL-FM - Station of the Year
Duffy Moon, General Manager