2018 Excellence in Broadcasting Awards

Medium Market Radio

DJ Personality Aircheck
KSMX-FM - Mix Afternoons with KT Kelley
KT Kelley

Breaking News
Cari Kelley

Feature News Story
KZOR-FM - Shining A Light on In The Dark
Dawn Morgan

Continuing Coverage
KSMX-FM - Continuing Coverage: Clovis Library Shooting
Cari Kelley

KSMX-FM - Newscaster Cari Kelley
Cari Kelley

Complete Newscast Station
KSMX-FM - Morning News: February 28th 2018
Cari Kelley

Sports Show or Interview
KZOR-FM - Wendys Half Time and Post Game Show
TJ Miracle/Ty Friend
Interview with Hobbs Alumni and former WNBA star Adriene Ross

Talk Show or Interview
KZOR-FM - Hobbs Top Cop Survives Las Vegas Slaughter
Dawn Morgan-News Director

Morning Show
KQEL - Your Mornings with Joe & Julianne
Talent and Producer - Joe and Julianne Muench

Sports Play by Play
KZOR-FM - Hobbs Lady Eagles State Title Game
Ty Friend/TJ Miracle

Public Service Announcement
KSMX-FM - Fun Safe Summer
KT Kelley

Public Service Campaign
KSMX-FM - Mix Mornings Secret Santa
Amber Kaye and Duffy Moon

Station Promotional Announcement
KWRK-FM - Country Thunder Ticket Giveaway
Talent: Marcia Peshlakai Producer: Nate Chester

KSMX-FM - heymix.com
Duffy Moon

:30 Commercial
KSMX-FM - Roadriders Rally
KT Kelley

:60 Commercial
KSMX-FM - Dawg Houze
KT Kelley
Dawg Houze events for October 2017

Social Media Integration
KSMX-FM - Coverage of the Clovis-Carver Library Shooting
Lisa Schmidt

Specialty Show
KZOR-FM - World Champion and Paralympic Gold Winner Comes Home
Dawn Morgan-News Director

Station of the Year
KSMX-FM - Station of the Year
Duffy Moon, General Manager