2018 Excellence in Broadcasting Awards

Large Market Radio

DJ Personality Aircheck
KXPZ - Zia Country Afternoon Drive with Patricia
Patricia Valencia

Breaking News
KSNM-FM - Mesilla Valley News
Cynthia Mendoza

Feature News Story
KRWG-FM - Shattered Lives
Michael Hernandez

Continuing Coverage
KXPZ - Organ Mountain Desert Peaks Monument series
Jack Nixon

KXPZ - Top Stories from the Bravo Mic Radio Network
Jack Nixon

Complete Newscast Station
KXPZ - Top Stories from the Bravo Mic Radio Network
Jack Nixon

Sports Show or Interview
KSNM-FM - Mesilla Valley Sports
Ernesto Garcia

Talk Show or Interview
KMVR-FM - Champions for Children
Ricky Tarin

Morning Show
KXPZ - Real Mornings with Lyndsey Kalson
Lyndsey Kalson

Sports Play by Play
KPRT-FM - 2018 Girls State Basketball Championship Play Offs Bloomfield vs Los Lunas
Wally D Erni Dunavant

Public Service Announcement
KXPZ - Zia Countrys Boot Up for Babies
Lyndsey Kalson/ Lyndsey Kalson, Ricky Tarin and Sheylah Holder

Public Service Campaign
KXPZ - Boot Up For Babies with March of Dimes
Lyndsey Kalson, Ricky Tarin

Station Promotional Announcement
KRWG-FM - KRWG testimonials
Edmundo Resendez

KRWG-FM - www.krwg.org
Fred Martino

:30 Commercial
KSNM-FM - Halos Twerking Contest

:60 Commercial
KSNM-FM - Radio Matters
Joey Hernandez

Social Media Integration
KRWG-FM - Red or Green Confidential Social Media Campaign
Edmundo Resendez, Jacob Lockwood

Specialty Show
KXPZ - The Aggies Go Dancing
Jack Nixon

Station of the Year
KXPZ - Station of the Year
Michael Smith, General Manager