2018 Excellence in Broadcasting Awards

Small Market Radio

DJ Personality Aircheck
KNCE - MorningShow_WakeUpTaos_ValentinesDay
Rita Daniels

Breaking News
KNCE - BreakingNews_KNCE_OilExplosion
Rita Daniels

Feature News Story
Rita Daniels

Continuing Coverage
KNCE - ContinuingCoverage_Suicide_GorgeBridge
Rita Daniels

KSEL-FM - Kevin Robbins
Kevin Robbins

Complete Newscast Station
KSEL-FM - Afternoon News- March 21st, 2017
Kevin Robbins, Amber Kaye

Sports Show or Interview
KSEL-FM - Doc Elder Interviews Lady Hounds Head Coach Josh Prock
Doc Elder

Talk Show or Interview
KRSN-AM - Morning Show Interview with Author Benjamin Radford
Nancy Coombs Interviewer. David Sutton Producer

Morning Show
KSEL-FM - The Morning Throwdown - January 6th, 2017
Kevin Robbins, Doc Elder, Lisa Schmidt

Sports Play by Play
KSEL-FM - Greyhounds Vs Lobos on November 4th
Doc Elder

Public Service Announcement
KNMX-AM - The Gabriel Project
Talent: Angie Lyster Producer: Angie Lyster

Public Service Campaign
KNFT-FM - Tour of the Gila
Ted Tucker, Sabrina Pack and Anna Yniguez

Station Promotional Announcement
KSEL-FM - Hunt For the Mega Ticket
Kevin Robbins

KNMX-AM - SDC Radio Website
Angie Lyster

:30 Commercial
KSEL-FM - Harley Smash-a-Palooza
KT Kelley

:60 Commercial
KSEL-FM - Twin Arrow Bingo
Duffy Moon / Duffy Moon

Social Media Integration
KNFT-FM - Tour of the Gila Social Media Integration VIDEO
Ted Tucker, Sabrina Pack and Anna Yniguez

Specialty Show
KNCE - KNCE -- See Something, Say Something
Justis Daniels