FCC Votes to Eliminate Sports Blackout Rules
Oct 01, 2014

Commissioners say FCC should not be backstopping NFL's policy
John Eggerton, Broadcasting & Cable

The FCC has unanimously voted to get rid of its sports blackout rules, which had been a backstop to NFL blackout policies.

The commissioners said the rules were outdated, and many made the point that the government should not be complicit in the NFL's decision to black out broadcasts for games with insufficient ticket sales.

The item getting rid of the rules concludes that the NFL is unlikely to move games from broadcast TV to pay, as the league suggested could happen if the rules were eliminated. READ MORE

Oct 01, 2014

Will the word "Redskins" wind up being banished to the indecent list that nobody on TV or radio can say? At a press conference Tuesday, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said he finds the word "Redskins" offensive and urged the NFL team to change its name. "There are a lot of names and descriptions that were used for a time that are inappropriate today. I think the name that is attributed to the Washington football club is one of those." And now you can add Commissioner Mignon Clyburn to the list of commissioners that have gone public in stating the name should go.

During the FCC's vote to kill the sports blackout rules, Clyburn signaled she finds the word offensive. Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel has also been on the record about what she thinks about the word. George Washington Law Professor John Banzhaf has filed a petition with the FCC claiming the name "Redskins" violates federal rules barring any indecent content on broadcast television. He's also challenged the license of one of Daniel Snyder's radio stations. Snyder is the owner of the NFL football team.

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